The Puzzle Game

By Daniel Sawitzki and Constantin "Manwe" Winkler

Zeitgeist is a puzzle game about logic, time and chain reactions. You have to complement each level by using a limited amount of further game elements, such that all colored marbles are moving into marble targets of same color. Each grid position of the game board may contain a variety of elements including reroutes, lasers, light barriers, bombs, time bonuses, teleporters, walls ...

Light barriers actually allow you to cause chain reactions by activating elements and creating new marbles. So you have to repair levels such that all colored marbles are reaching their target within a certain time limit. The game features 12 example levels, 8 tutorial levels and 20 campaign levels as well as a level editor. Have fun!

Zeitgeist is published under the GNU general public license. You may download the game for free from Sourceforge.

Download now!

Everyone is invited to create his own challenging levels for Zeitgeist. Just mail them to and they will be included in the next release of Zeitgeist.

Daniel Sawitzki, February 8th 2009